When it comes to serving appetizers, they don’t need to be fancy. They can be spreads, dips, cheese balls, seafood, caviar, party breads and other small foods to wet your appetite.

We are often at a loss as to what we can serve as the party appetizer when it comes to hosting a party.

What is an Appetizer? An Appetizer is a food or beverage that is served before the start of a meal, at a special party or at a business event. The purpose of an Appetizer is to stimulate your appetite, hence the name Appetizer.

Listed below are quick appetizers that can be served anytime with crackers, thinly sliced toasted bread, a variety of party breads or potato chips. A few of them can even be served alone.

1. Caviar
2. Lobster tail moistened with lemon juice.
3. Lobster tail dipped in butter sauce.
4. Shrimp and crap meat spread serve with taco chips.
5. Cream cheese with chopped pickles.
6. Chicken livers minced and moistened with mayonnaise.
7. Cheese squares with olive attached by toothpick.
8. Sardines with caviar paste.
9. Flavored cream cheese spread.
10. Cream cheese and anchovy paste with grated onion.
11. Deviled ham with chopped olives and onions.
12. Shrimp served with cocktail sauce.
13. Sardine slices topped with chopped olives.
14. Pimento cheese mixed with a dash of horseradish.
15. Cream cheese with dash of Worcestershire sauce and chives.
16. Melba Toast spread with cream cheese and chives.
17. Party Rye bread served with grated cheese and onions.
18. Dry beef spread served with crackers.
19. Artichoke Spread served with Party Rye Bread or crackers.
20. Cheese ball served with your favorite crackers.
21. Meat and Cheese Roll served with crackers.
22. Salmon Cheese Ball served with crackers.
23. Chicken wings.
24. Sausage stuffed mushrooms.
25. Salsa served with Nacho’s or Taco chips.

When it comes to planning your next party, I hope this guide will help you. Just remember, your Appetizers don’t have to be fancy, they just have to taste good!